a suggestion for a bike parking plan in Fells Point.

To get a bike parking plan

Put out something like a RFP requesting proposals from the local Baltimore maker community.  Bidders would be provided with a map of where you might want the installations and how many bikes are to be provided for.   You provide a budget $, but bidders can submit any amount.  Price should not be the one deciding factor; I believe all would agree.

Pick a panel of say 5 Fells Pointers who would hear out proposals, review the bids and offer their recommendation with why they made the award then Fells Point Main Street  would then coordinate the process of installation and make the disbursements.  Naturally all bids would have to include installation.   

If you saw opening night at the City Lights Festival and didn’t already have one, you get some idea of the large and diverse creative community this city has.   We should be doing more business with these people in the public works area.   The city would look a lot more interesting.

Let me know what you think of this idea?  I would like to see this happen.  Fells Point needs to stay interesting.