Yurts for Rufugees

Attached is a picture of a 15"x40' band for the yurt woven from wool in Afghanistan during the 19th. century.  It was used and repaired as you can see.   What an elegant invention in home building to cinch it up or take it down.   I think they would make a great gift to refugee families who are in fact neophyte nomads.   What might the nomads who made that yurt band have to teach us about helping refuges?  A cottage industry of yurt building in Afghanistan for refuges in Calais.   Give them back a home from which to matriculate as opportunities open up for family members in this new far flung diaspora. 

 The largest humanitarian crises the civilized world has ever seen is  the cost of wars in the Middle East being thrust upon the world community in the rivers of refugees escaping failed states and decimated cities that are uninhabitable amid the rubble and  a back and forth war taking and retaking that rubble, unrelenting.     No longer having a home they need the wisdom of the Turkoman, the Anatolian, the Uzbek and they need yurts.

19th cent. Afghan Yurt Band 15"x40'